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Peloton’s interactive documents let you tell your client’s story and manage your M&A and financing transactions in a dynamic new way.

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Peloton for Investment Banking

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Peloton is Trusted By

Peloton is trusted by some of the world's largest investment banks and private equity firms to market and manage large, complex transactions.

Tell a compelling story

Use rich media and other dynamic content to tell your client’s story in a new and exciting way. Peloton’s cutting edge platform allows your deal to stand out from the crowd and keeps your buyers and investors engaged.

Measure engagement

Measure buyer and investor engagement, better understand their hot button issues, provide them with the information they need when they need it and more effectively manage the transaction process.

Automate workflow

Peloton was built to make executing transactions easier. Automated workflow tools minimize unnecessary tasks and allow team members to focus and spend their time on the important issues.

Protect your confidential materials

Government grade encryption

Multi-step verification

Audit control

Content is protected using 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption

Verification is required after registration to confirm user identity

Access can be terminated for any user in real time

Automated watermarking

Strict timeouts

Strong passwords

Documents are automatically watermarked when printed to safeguard information

Automatic timeouts ensure your confidential information is protected

Robust passwords are required during the registration process